Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I know I'm a little behind, but here are some pics to share from Easter.

Here's Isaac at the local Community Home's annual egg hunt. Between the lack of advertising this year, and the rain, there were only 3 kids older than 5. They had a dining room of eggs all to themselves and all won a prize. 
That night, we colored Easter eggs. Thomas and Kayla were here for dinner, so Kayla joined us. We doodled on the eggs with white crayon first, and then colored them.

Isaac is really concentrating, as you can see by the tongue! :)

The finished product!

Easter morning...the kid LOVES Peeps!                                       Trying the sour squeeze sucker.

Isaac is showing Andrew his loot.

Told you it was sour...but you kept eating it!

My handsome boys...they clean up pretty nicely, don't they?
Posing, after dinner at Mamaw and Papaw's.


Ramona said...

What handsome guys you have! :) My kids had a blast coloring eggs this year too. We ended up going to the egg hunt at Salem Church. Not too many kids there either and the kids cleaned up - they were pretty excited. Glad I found your blog - it's good to see how things are going your way. You'd think we would see each other more as close as we live...funny how that can be. Have a great day!

Ramona said...

Oh! And thanks for being my lone blog follower!! WooHoo!! :)