Saturday, June 20, 2009

Some Miracles Are Small

My dear friend gave birth to her third baby earlier this week. Although he was a surprise, they were so excited to meet their new bundle of joy. A routine ultrasound revealed that there was something wrong with his bladder, and they were told he'd probably have to go straight to surgery at birth. Basically, he couldn't pee, and this also helped explain why his momma's fluid levels were so low. Naturally, they were scared and had everyone praying.

Although he wasn't due until the 4th of July, little Owen decided he'd like to arrive in time for Father's Day. Earlier this week, a healthy 6 pound baby boy was born. There were 6 extra people in the room for the baby, to get him cleaned up and shipped off on an ambulance as soon as he was born. The pediatrician came in for the delivery on his day off since he knew the circumstances.

However, God and baby Owen had other plans. You see, little Owen came out peeing all over everybody and all over the room!!!! Before he was born, he had been healed!! Never has anyone been so happy to be peed on by their baby! They will still have to do some bladder testing in a couple of weeks, but they know it will be minor if anything at all.

This little 6 pound miracle boy has been such a blessing and helped remind some people that God answers prayer!

Monday, June 15, 2009

I failed...

Andrew lost a tooth last night, but the tooth fairy failed to come. I know he's 10, but he's so gullible like me and I truly think he still believes. I tried to sneak it under his pillow this morning when I realized, but he was half-awake. So, then I had to try to sneak it back out, which I did.

I told him he must've woken up a lot last night, since he tends to do that. "Or, it could've been the fact that you sleep with your eyes partially opened," I said. He bought it.

So, tonight, we must redeem ourselves...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


At approximately 10 am, Porkchop, the beloved stuffed dog of Isaac, was found!! He spent the night at Riley Children's Hospital and is currently being transported home. Estimated travel time is 2-3 days and we are anxiously awaiting his arrival. Thanks for all of your concern. You may now return to your regularly scheduled lives. :)

Amber Alert for Porkchop

After a long, exhausting day at Riley yesterday the boys were so ready to crawl into their beds. That is, until Isaac realized the last time he saw his beloved Porkchop was at Riley. Sobbing ensued and we had to convince him that we would find his little dog and his doggy blanket, too.

Riley Lost and Found hasn't seen Porkchop. I'm hoping someone didn't pick him up and take him to a new home yesterday. We're thinking maybe he's in the Over the Rainbow Giftshop. We went in there while waiting on meds at the pharmacy. Isaac got a piece of candy and I don't remember seeing that beloved pup again. Now, I'm just waiting for them to open...

Here is a pic of Isaac and Aunt Doris the night he got Porkchop. They've been together since preschool graduation. All the kids got a tiny dog, which was a smaller version of the class dog they took turns caring for. As you can see, from the start, Isaac loved the dog. He's wrapped in a blanket at graduation. Porkchop even has his own suitcase for his clothes Isaac has robbed other not-so-loved animals of. Porkchop, if you are reading this, please come home!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Mocha Club - Redefining the coffee break

I learned about the Mocha Club at the FFH concert the other night. I think it's worth sharing with all of my friends.

From their flyer: "Mocha Club funds the work of African Leadership, whose mission is to empower indigenous community leaders with the necessary resources to help their fellow Africans. Mocha Club funds projects such as: HIV/AIDS education and relief; building schools and funding education; orphan care; sports ministries and camps; famine relief and farming education; building wells; children's clinics; and job training.The work stretches from the war-torn regions of the Sudan to the AIDS-plagued countries of Southern Africa."

In the U.S., $7=2 mochas, or some other fancy coffee drink. (And Vincennes people, since Starbucks just closed, it should be even easier to save that money!)

In Kibera, Kenya $7=3 meals in a day for 9 orphans
In Darfur, Sudan $7=1 treated mosquito net for protection from Malaria
In Kitul, Kenya $7=1 month's supply for 1 person
In Bulayawo, Zimbabwe $7=1 school term for 2 children
In Gulu, Uganda $7=life-saving Malaria medication for 1 person
In all of Africa, $7=clean water for 7 Africans for 1 whole year

So basically, by making such a tiny difference in our own richly blessed lives, we can make a huge impact in Africa! Zimbabwe currently has the worst economy in world history. They are under a dictatorship, so we don't hear a lot about them. However, 1 in 8 children there are orphans; 2 in 8 people have HIV/AIDS; and 6 in 8 are unemployed. That's a 75% unemployment rate!!

I signed up and will soon be getting a link for my own personal mocha club account. This will allow people to join my 'team'. I will post the link as soon as I get it.

Imagine the impact we could make if we all could find just $7 a month to share.$7=2 mochas, or a trip to the drive-up, or the change laying around the house, etc. What if we made a tiny effort to make such a big difference?

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