Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jedi Training

Here are some pics from Isaac's party, otherwise known as Jedi Training. It was a BYOLS (Bring Your Own Light Saber) event, and he got a kick out of telling everyone that. We had a lot of fun and all the kiddos seemed to enjoy it, too.

Looks like everyone was having fun, except my niece Alexis on the right. The older kids (nephew Kaine, Andrew, and Jesse) all were my Droid helpers. However, Alexis just wasn't too into hanging out with a bunch of first graders playing Star Wars. Third graders are much cooler than that, don't ya know??

The first part of Jedi Training - the lightsaber relay. These little padawans were better than I expected!

Dinnertime...how does that Dugger lady do this 3 times a day? So thankful for being able to have the party at the church!

Getting ready to blow the candles out as soon as the song's over. Can you believe it...a real smile from Isaac?!

We went to the basement for an asteroid hunt. I found Court protecting the stairway from runaway padawans. Unfortunately, my other pics down here didn't turn out too well. 15 kids running around grabbing asteroids made for blurry pics.

Opening gifts...and loving the musical Star Wars card!

The night-shift padawans...playing lightsabers in the dark. Pretty cool!


Seth said...

I went home tired. They have a lot of energy!

Ramona said...

Reece had fun looking at all the photos...thanks for sharing them! He had a great time! :)

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

Thanks ~ for stopping by today and your sweet words. You have a wonderful weekend!