Monday, July 5, 2010

Yellow Belts

They did it!! Court and Andrew got their yellow belts last week at class. They had to go to Robinson, IL for the test the Saturday before. And then wait until the next class to find out. They say the test for the orange belt, which is what they were testing on, is one of the harder ones because it combines movements from all the belts up to that point. And it had also been a rough week for Andrew health-wise. They weren't feeling confident about their test. So, they were excited to get to class and see the 3 yellow belts laying on the table, since they knew only 3 took that test. :)

Here is Court, going through the line shaking hands and getting his certificate.

Group shot of those who tested and passed this time around.

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Lora said...

Congratulations to them! Ryan got up to a yellow belt in hapkido. Walter loves to use that belt to dress up like a padawan.