Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Antifreeze and Liquid Dynamite!

It's been quite a week around here... Last Tuesday is when we saw the GI Dr. at Riley. He said to start Andrew on 3 capfuls of Miralax a day because his gut has stopped functioning as it should (motility issues). He then goes on to tell me the main ingredient in Miralax is polyethylene glycol 3350, which is a cousin of antifreeze!! Not to worry though, it's safe. Makes me feel real good...hope it's nothing like the propulsid he took as an infant for GERD, which is now pulled off the market and pending lawsuits.

If you've followed caringbridge, you know all about the attempts at the 48 hour colon cleanse that he failed miserably. Yesterday, they had us start magnesium citrate, which they refer to as liquid dynamite!! Several people also commented about their quick experiences with this magic potion before surgery. Unfortunately, he's on day 2 of using this and still nothing. Poor kid!

Try as I might to keep this blog seperate from his medical journey, it's inevitable at times. So, if you were looking for a funny story, I'm sorry. Try me tomorrow. Maybe I'll be off my house arrest sentence and will have something more to say.

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