Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our WTWO/MDA interview...'s over and now a memory. While Andrew was quite excited about being interviewed, Courtney and I weren't so sure about it. Sure, we wanted to do it to help raise money for the MDA, but beyond that, we really didn't feel the need for us to be interviewed. Anyhow, we had a great time. First the cameraman arrived, who we found out lives in Vincennes and is married to a Hagen. Come to find out, we'd celebrated the 4th of July with him and his family at a cookout! Small world, huh? Next, Jennifer from the MDA office came. We've spoken on the phone a lot, so I felt like I knew her. What we weren't expecting was for Tom McClannahan from WTWO to walk in the door!! Apparently I was answering his questions the way he wanted because he kept making me put the mike back on and talk some more. He asked if I was a nurse and said I was very "eloquent" in explaining Andrew's health journey. What??? Me??? Anyhow, after we talked inside, the cameraman, Rick, took the boys outside to get some footage of them riding their bikes. Some wonderful friends provided some food that we all enjoyed - thanks Bonnie, Trudy, and Stacy!! Andrew's story will air on ch. 2 news the last week of August, and then on Labor Day during the Labor Day telethon. It will also be airing on the Evansville station since we're between the two MDA regions. Andrew will also be one of the "star boys" at the telethon, which is the person who puts the totals on the star board. We will do a live interview (oh no!!) during the telethon, too.

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beverlyj said...

That is so neat that you guys get to do that! I can't wait to see it!