Tuesday, September 2, 2008

MDA Telethon

Andrew taping a news promo with Jesse Walker, Elyse Evans, Jason Pensky, and Patrick Fazio.
Court answering phones (back right)
The star board with Dana Winklepleck
Bringing out the 40th anniversary cake
Me answering phones and talking with Jason Pensky. The final tally!


Patty said...

I love the pictures and video and can hardly wait to see more when you send it! Love, Patty H. (Carlisle)

Susan said...

How neat. I asked my parents to use their DVR that day to record it as we were at my sister's and the parade. She did, and I got to watch it Monday night.
Today Isaac told me about it at lunch. He said it was a really long way, but that next year when you go, he will be 6. :) lol kids are so funny!
Andrew did such a nice job with all his duties.