Sunday, September 7, 2008

"Where will I find her?"

My sister is getting married next month. We were signing a birthday card for her fiance and Isaac was asking all kinds of questions about his new Uncle Troy. Then, in all seriousness, he looks at me and says, "Where will I find her?" "Who, honey?" He says, "My wife and a mom for my kids. Where will I find her?" Anyone who knows Isaac knows he's a little worry-wart, but this whole conversation was funny, even for him! I tried to explain that when it was time, God would put someone in his life. He says, "So, where did Dad find you?" I told him about how we met in college 13 years ago this month. Then, he tops it all off with, "I hope when I meet the mom, she doesn't already have a dad with her!!!"


Anna Osmon said...

He is so cute. I love him! And you of course! I had a really rough day today, and was it completely made my day when I read this. Love you guys!

Susan said...

Ahhh, that is so cute. I miss seeing him everyday.