Saturday, April 11, 2009

Snackin' on Playdoh

I mixed up a batch of edible playdoh last night. Isaac was totally into it and played for about an hour. Andrew, upon realizing it was edible, had himself a snack. :) His was gone before I had time to get the cookie cutters out of the pantry... Isaac took a few nibbles here and there, but even saved some of his to play with again. [And for the record, this was last night, not 2006. I need to figure out how to disable the date on my camera since it keeps changing.]

Here's the recipe:

Combine equal parts peanut butter, powdered milk, and honey. Mix well. I also added a spoonful of flour to make it less sticky. Enjoy!


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Lora said...

Yum! :-p I make playdough too, but my recipe has a ton of salt in it and a nibble has been all walter wants to eat. I'd eat your playdough too!