Thursday, April 30, 2009

Go some pork!

This H1N1 virus, or "swine flu", is going to do to the hog market what mad cow disease did to the beef market a few years ago. Since pork is our livlihood, this has really hit home for us. So far, all the media has done is instill fear. Yes, take precautions; I realize it's real. However, you can't catch this by eating pork!


crystal said...

Thats why they made them start refering to it by it's real name H1N1. They only said once or twice that you couldn't get it by eating pork, but they have been saying it is transfered human to human. People don't listen & when it's called swine flu they think you get it from eating pork it doesn't help that they show a pen of pigs every time they talk about it if they didn't a lot of people wouldn't even know what a swine is.

BeckyB. said...

The think that amazes me is that something like 26,000 people died from the REGULAR flu last year ALONE. Yet a handful of deaths caused by H1N1 and it's practically a pandemic?


You are so right, Carol. People have already associated it with "swine" and every handout we've gotten at Generations about it includes a picture of a pig... the assosications there and they have done a terrible job reminding people you can't EAT the flu.