Monday, June 1, 2009

Mocha Club - Redefining the coffee break

I learned about the Mocha Club at the FFH concert the other night. I think it's worth sharing with all of my friends.

From their flyer: "Mocha Club funds the work of African Leadership, whose mission is to empower indigenous community leaders with the necessary resources to help their fellow Africans. Mocha Club funds projects such as: HIV/AIDS education and relief; building schools and funding education; orphan care; sports ministries and camps; famine relief and farming education; building wells; children's clinics; and job training.The work stretches from the war-torn regions of the Sudan to the AIDS-plagued countries of Southern Africa."

In the U.S., $7=2 mochas, or some other fancy coffee drink. (And Vincennes people, since Starbucks just closed, it should be even easier to save that money!)

In Kibera, Kenya $7=3 meals in a day for 9 orphans
In Darfur, Sudan $7=1 treated mosquito net for protection from Malaria
In Kitul, Kenya $7=1 month's supply for 1 person
In Bulayawo, Zimbabwe $7=1 school term for 2 children
In Gulu, Uganda $7=life-saving Malaria medication for 1 person
In all of Africa, $7=clean water for 7 Africans for 1 whole year

So basically, by making such a tiny difference in our own richly blessed lives, we can make a huge impact in Africa! Zimbabwe currently has the worst economy in world history. They are under a dictatorship, so we don't hear a lot about them. However, 1 in 8 children there are orphans; 2 in 8 people have HIV/AIDS; and 6 in 8 are unemployed. That's a 75% unemployment rate!!

I signed up and will soon be getting a link for my own personal mocha club account. This will allow people to join my 'team'. I will post the link as soon as I get it.

Imagine the impact we could make if we all could find just $7 a month to share.$7=2 mochas, or a trip to the drive-up, or the change laying around the house, etc. What if we made a tiny effort to make such a big difference?


Lauren said...

I LOVE dave barnes and he promotes Mocha Club as well--I think I may sign up too!

I love you!

Carol said...

Is anyone besides Seth having trouble with my comments section? Figured this was the best way to test it. :)