Saturday, June 20, 2009

Some Miracles Are Small

My dear friend gave birth to her third baby earlier this week. Although he was a surprise, they were so excited to meet their new bundle of joy. A routine ultrasound revealed that there was something wrong with his bladder, and they were told he'd probably have to go straight to surgery at birth. Basically, he couldn't pee, and this also helped explain why his momma's fluid levels were so low. Naturally, they were scared and had everyone praying.

Although he wasn't due until the 4th of July, little Owen decided he'd like to arrive in time for Father's Day. Earlier this week, a healthy 6 pound baby boy was born. There were 6 extra people in the room for the baby, to get him cleaned up and shipped off on an ambulance as soon as he was born. The pediatrician came in for the delivery on his day off since he knew the circumstances.

However, God and baby Owen had other plans. You see, little Owen came out peeing all over everybody and all over the room!!!! Before he was born, he had been healed!! Never has anyone been so happy to be peed on by their baby! They will still have to do some bladder testing in a couple of weeks, but they know it will be minor if anything at all.

This little 6 pound miracle boy has been such a blessing and helped remind some people that God answers prayer!

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Susan said...

Well Praise the Lord!!!