Saturday, June 14, 2008

Being blessed in the small stuff

Had to run to town to fill some new prescriptions for Andrew. As I pulled up to Family Pharmacy, I noticed some girls I know holding signs saying "Free Carwash - let us bless you!" I thought there must've been a catch, but it was truly free. In fact, they wouldn't even take donations for it. You see, they were trying to raise money for church camp. They had sponsorers pledge so much money per car washed! I thought this was brilliant! Of course they wanted me because mini-vans count as two!! : ) So, I was blessed by a free carwash, and in turn, it helps them get to camp. Everybody wins. And to think, water has had such a negative impact on this area this week...and they were able to use that very thing to bless people with. Sometimes it's the small stuff that really means the most.


beverlyj said...

I get this post in a big way because here lately I have seen a TON of what may seem like little blessings that add up to one great big God.

Melissa Spencer said...

I have been blessed with many small things. Sometimes those are the biggest blessings you can receive!!! Right now my small blessing is AJ...and boy is that HUGE!!!