Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Am I A Natural?

Isaac was born to be a monkey. Before he could even crawl, he was able to climb out of his pack-n-play. Knowing this, we were a little leery of him sleeping upstairs and climbing out of his crib.(Have you seen our stairs??) We did a little research and found a mesh"tent" that looped all around his crib. It had a zipper you opened from the outside to get the baby in and out and just made me feel really safe that our little climber couldn't get out. That is, until a few months passed by and he somehow figured out how to unzip it from the inside. Then, we not only had to zip him in, but safety pin the zipper to one of the loops so it wouldn't come unzipped. Alas, this worked until we could no longer lug him up in the crib (since the side couldn't move down with that silly tent on it!). From an early age, he let us know that he was part monkey! :)

Fast forward a few years, and that same little boy is now all about climbing, doing flips and standing on his head. A couple of weeks ago, Courtney even caught him climbing up the pole to our security light out back! We decided it was time to start going to gym class to put some of these skills to good use, and hopefully avoid a broken neck in the process!

We've talked about this since his 5th b'day a month ago, as this was part of his gift from us. Until a few days ago, he couldn't wait for it to start. Then he realized it was getting close and kinda freaked out about it. He went today, but with the agreement that if he didn't like it, he wouldn't have to go back. I tried to tell him that's how he felt about going to preschool and he ended up loving it, too. He was pretty hesitant today until Miss Jackie grabbed his hand and little by little he warmed up to it. By the time he got to the trampoline I knew he'd be back!

On the way home, after giving him a little time to process it all, I asked how he liked it. He said, "I can't wait to go back next time. And what's a natural?" I tried to explain what natural meant and he said, "Oh, good, because Miss Jackie says that's what I am!"


Melissa Spencer said...

Wow Carol! That is Awesome! Both of my kids have been going to gymnastics since they were 18 months! They absolutely love it. Unfortunately this will be AJ's last summer. With all the activities he belongs to, it just won't be feasible. 40 minutes to Plainfield costs a lot in gas as well as a lot in time. I am going to check out some local places for Gabby though. They both have really enjoyed it though!

BeckyB. said...

awwwww, how cute! zach is really missing tumbling this summer, we were going to try to take the time off, but now i'm not sure that's going to work. glad that isaac enjoyed it so much!

Anna Osmon said...

This is adorable! Miss you guys! Love the stories! Keep me updated! :)