Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Women of Faith

The Women of Faith conference was amazing. It was obvious God was going to do some big things - the attacks before we left were crazy! But, it all worked out, well, with the exception of no air in the big church van and our scenic route to get downtown. :) I wish we had a camera to show us all standing around the tree in Westphalia holding hands and praying, taking over the whole section at Steak and Shake, and even the desperate attempt to fix the air at AutoZone! Although we didn't take any pictures, I'm sure we all made good memories, some new friends, and had a great little getaway. I'd have to say Anita Renfroe, Nicole C. Mullen, and Patsy Clairmont were my favorites. I'd like to be Anita Renfroe when I grow up! What a great job she has!! And Nicole C. Mullen was amazing, beautiful, and incredibly gifted. What she does with the NCM kids is truly inspiring. And I'd like to know where Patsy C. gets her energy...sign me up. She's a real spitfire for the Lord!! :)Looking forward to 2009 girls!

Christy...it was so nice to meet you IRL!


Christy said...

YEA!! I made your blog!! =)

Lauren said...

hooray. Thanks for al your hard work, Carol. You are an everyday blessing to me for sure!