Friday, October 3, 2008

He did it!

Everyone knows Isaac's reputation with his glasses, and to be fair, the eye Dr. has said there's a defect in the frames, which isn't helping any. But, since we just got them this summer and they are still under warranty (at no loss to Dr due to the defect), we're just biding our time in them. Anyhow, I've been holding my breath for several days praying Isaac didn't break his glasses. Yesterday was picture day at school and I didn't want him to wear the goofy loaner pair that his lenses don't fit all the way in. Even going on a camping trip with his buddy Zach last weekend turned out ok - I was happy to see that his glasses were intact when he got home. Of course, we had to take him in after school one day this week to get them straightened - a task which no one likes to do!! When we walked in the door at the eye dr's, it was obvious the girls were nervous to see us. :) But he did it - he had his own glasses for school pics. And now this momma is hoping I don't have to get on here anytime soon and update this continuing saga.

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