Thursday, March 26, 2009

Heartbeats for mito video

I have seen this video before, but came across it again today. It is pretty powerful! The first little girl is Taryn, and we met their family at the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (UMDF) Conference last summer. The dad (AJ) was even featured on LA Ink and shared some of their story. Amazing family!

As much as I try to keep this blog seperate from Andrew's caringbridge site (, there are just times it's not. As much joy and laughter as we have in our lives and home, mito is a big reality check for our family. Right now, we have paperwork to take Isaac to get his initial bloodwork done. This is something we've wondered about and dreaded doing for two years now. We know it must be done, and this is better than a muscle biopsy. But it somehow just makes it seem more real that we are actually doing the testing.

Hope you learn something from this video. For me, it makes me thankful that Andrew is so "stable" right now!! If you have healthy children or grandchildren, count your blessings!

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Lora said...

Thanks for posting this Carol. I did learn some things. These children are all so precious and beautiful. My heart is aching for all the families who have lost a child. ((hugs)) to you.