Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sleep...wonderful sleep...

You can't appreciate a good night's sleep until you've been deprived of it. Personally, I don't have a problem sleeping. However, there are some people who live with me who apparently do, which in turn causes my sleep problems. :) Most mornings, Isaac makes his way across the hall and into my bed after Court has left at a ridiculously early hour. Some nights, he's up in the middle of the night to have me take him to the bathroom, tell me how much he'd really like to sleep in our room, etc. It seems to work out that he's up on the nights that Andrew actually sleeps. At least he does go back to sleep though!

Then there is my dear husband who usually sets his alarm for about 2 am. Oh don't worry, though, sometimes he hits snooze a few times. And then there's the pesky fire's the only thing that takes him from sleeping to a quick run downstairs in 3 seconds flat. And especially at night, I often lie awake wondering where he went(he's usually out of the room before the announcement on where they are being called to is made!). And he can literally fall sleep anywhere, which is a whole different story!!

However, Andrew is the real sleep problem in our house. First of all, he constantly wakes up (79 and 81 times in the last two sleep studies!). Since the doctor put him on a natural supplement called melatonin to regulate his circadian sleep rhythm, he falls asleep faster and wakes up much less. However, he's still a sleepwalker and also frequently has illness or pain issues in the night. And there are still times he simply wakes up.

So, each night when my head hits the pillow, I can count on being woken up at some point...and let me tell you...I'm not always nice when I first wake up. Plus, I'm a terrible napper, so when I'm sleep deprived at night, napping isn't always an option for me. And this week has been tough with the time change, it's still dark out when my alarm goes off...and cold, too. Naturally, I want to stay in bed longer!!

But last night, I went to bed at 10 pm and didn't wake up until the alarm went off this morning. Both boys stayed in their own beds all night - or at least as far as I know they did. :) I felt so rested today when I got up. I even remembered my dreams!! It was wonderful and rare, but something I'd certainly like to experience more of. It's really the little things in life for me that make all the difference. And sleep is the main reason I'm looking forward to spring break next week. No matter what wakes me up, at least it won't be an alarm clock!

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Lora said...

I sympathize. Although, you've been a parent longer and so you are probably more sleep deprived than me! Part of Walter's SPD is sleep issues. He woke up every 2 hours (at least) for the first 2 years of his life. At 3 he was finally sleeping decently, only waking about three or so times a night. Now he only wakes a few times a week. But now, there's sylvia. The night before last, she woke up no less than 20 times. This is rather common for her. It's also common enough that she'll sleep 8 hours in a row, which tricks me into staying up too late, and of course if I do, then that's a night she wakes up a lot. But you know, in spite of never feeling rested, I kind of cherish that time in the spooky, hazy night when it's just me and the little one. I hate it and cherish it. It's bizarre.