Saturday, March 21, 2009

How my pastor changed my life

Pastors are in the life changing business, and my pastor is no exception to this. He has helped me figure out exactly where I am going. It was a simple exchange in the church kitchen last week that forever changed me. It has given me confidence I've never had before to know - without a doubt - where I am going.

And I have a picture...

That's right, pastor loaned me his tomtom! Betcha never thought that's where this post was going, did ya? Well, it's true. I travel so much taking Andrew to medical appts and he's offered several times to let me borrow it. However, I can about drive to Riley in my sleep now, so I've never taken him up on it. But, we had to go see our specialist in Columbus, OH this past week and I'd never made the trip on my own. I'm not the most confident driver if I don't know exactly where I'm going. Tomtom changed that for me...I was navigating like never before, driving with boldness and no fear of getting lost. It was amazing!

I have now decided that as much time as we spend on the road, it'll be worth it to have this little device. We traveled over 6,000 miles in 2008 for medical trips - not including the trip to see the Dr. in Dallas!! No more hoping my husband can take off work to go with me. And when he is with me, I can drive and he can sleep! We'll both be happy and we'll actually get there faster, too. :)


beverlyj said...

We have a GPS system too and we LOVE it!

Lauren said...

I call the TomTom "Bill" and one time Jami got so mad at it she said a naughty word at Bill! At one point it was set to a woman's voice but it sounded all seductive and now: BILL!!

hilarious! Love you