Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Fake Birthday

We combined a recent visit to Bainbridge with a surprise party for Isaac. We told the kids we would go to the park to play, and we just set up the party while they played. He was so excited! Of course, he called it his "fake" birthday. His "real" birthday is tomororw, and he's been counting down to it for the past 12 months, no joke. I for one am glad it's almost here. (again, ignore the dates on pics...I finally figured out how to disable the dates after these were taken)


For once, he was speechless! :)

Loving the new orange ball bat from Aunt Mandy, Uncle Troy, Kaine, and Alexis

Tell me again why Nana chose RED icing for the cupcakes?? :)

Isaac didn't see the problem with it at all...

Daddy (Court), Kaine, Andrew (with windblown hair...windy day!!), and Uncle Troy

Isaac with his favorite (only) Aunt Mandy and Uncle Troy

Happy Fake Birthday, Isaac!


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Lauren said...

love the pics!

Lora said...

Heehee, I love his surprised face! That looks like fun. Happy birthday to Isaac, and happy birth day to you!