Friday, August 21, 2009

Praying for Change

Awhile back, I went to the car wash to sweep out the van. We'd just returned from vacation and it was a mess. And in the three years since we bought it, this was the first time we'd completely taken the back seat and back storage out. I figured I might as well give it a good cleaning before putting it all back in.

Court offered me some change, but I said I had plenty. The day before I did. Where it was now that the sweeper was beeping at me, I don't know. I didn't find it in time and it went off. That meant instead of putting an extra quarter in, it was full price again. I dug around in the van and in my purse and found 2 quarters, but still needed one more. I got desperate and started looking on the ground and just asking God to help me find a quarter.

Then I saw it...a quarter? No, a dime. Dang it! But I grabbed it anyways and searched my purse again. Still no quarters in there, but I did find a nickel and another dime. AHA! I quickly grabbed my coins and asked the smart guy with lots of quarters from the change machine if he'd trade me for one of his quarters.

Moral of the story: Always have lots of quarters (or one dollar bills for change machine) when you go to the car wash.

Nah, really, it got me thinking of something bigger. It made me think of how many times I call out to God asking Him for exactly what I "need". And did I actually need to find a quarter? NO. He gave me exactly what I needed, the dime. So, instead of putting limits on God, I need to try to just let go and let HIM decide what's best. I tend to get overly excited when God shows up and answers my prayers in a big way. Or, I think, like the dime, "that's not what I asked for". Who am I to decide, really? To think that the God who created the universe cares about my silly prayers is pretty amazing! But he hears every single one and they matter to HIM.

Am I the only one who tends to put God in a 'box'? Tell me what you're thinking. :)


Susan said...

2 weeks ago Mark requested (strongly) that I go out and finish painting the pole barn. I might mention that he called me and interrupted a perfectly good morning of yard-saleing. So I was out painting with a bad attitude. It was 2 Saturdays ago which I might remind you that it was one of the worst heat idexes of the summer. But amazingly there was a breeze coming across the corn fields and it was quite refreshing. So I painted and listened to AFR weekend wasn't bad after all. I was starting on the last side and Mark said I was using the last gallon of paint. I would have to stop and go into town at some point to be able to finish painting. Ugghh! So, I stopped painting and prayed. "Lord, I need this paint to be enough to cover this pole barn. Please let me have enough paint right here to get the job done." I kept painting wondering how the Lord would multiply the paint....I kept painting, and kept painting. I had a spot about the size of a rolled out sleeping bag left. I knew it was going to be close. I eventually ran out of paint in the paint pan. So I gathered up the 4 already empty gallon cans, got a paintbrush, started swiping out every ounce and slapping it on so I could roll it out. I had to use every can to get enough. BUT THERE WAS ENOUGH. I DID NOT HAVE TO GO BUY ANY MORE PAINT!!!! What God showed me: He provided but He expected me to participate. Oh, also: HE is always enough! :)

Nicole said...

You are most definitely not the only one who puts God in a box. One of the things that Mr. McClure said in BibLit that really stuck with me was about limiting God in our prayers. He talked about how many people use the word "just" in their prayers i.e. "Just take this burden," "just be with them," "just give me confirmation," etc.

Until this point I hadn't realized how many times people (myself included) use the word just in their prayers. Since then I have made it a point not to use it. I don't want to limit God. I don't want Him to just do something. I want to see Him do abundantly more than what I have asked. I want to be blown away by what He can and will do. I'm not perfect, but I keep working at it.