Sunday, August 9, 2009

Giggling in church

We had a great sermon today, about the not-so-popular sermon topic of money. However, at one point, Seth was trying to make a point about how good we have it in this country. He said something to the effect of everyone having transportation, electricity, air conditioning, etc.

What he didn't realize is that we'd had electrical problems the night before in our house. Bad problems. The upstairs powers kept turning off and on and when Court went out to check the breaker, it was SIZZLING! Bad problems...

So, he turned of that breaker completely until the electrician can get here tomorrow. And we camped out downstairs.

But it made me giggle a bit when he said we all had electricity. And air...the poor inlaws house got struck by lightning, so they are without a/c right now. So we all had our own little chuckle in our pew when that was said.

And eventually, things will be back to "normal" around here (if there is such a thing!). And we'll be back to living better than 90% of the world. But the timing was just kinda funny for today.

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Christy said...

Whoo Hooo!! See its me your faithful follower!