Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ever tried to give a cat a bath???

You know how when you try to put a cat in water the claws come out? They fight with all they have to avoid going in the water. Well, this was the case yesterday...except it wasn't the cat. It was the first day of school and it was Isaac. He cried, he hid, he was shaking, he begged to stay home, etc. It was horrible.

Andrew, on the other hand, was delighted to start 5th grade. This was also not settling well with Isaac, who was frankly getting annoyed with his brother's happiness.

By the end of the day, Isaac decided it wasn't so bad. His biggest fear, he said, was being sent to the principal's office if he was bad.

The best part of the whole story is our prayer before school. He was literally on my lap trembling, so I started to pray with him. On a whim, I decided to ask God to have a friend be right there when he got to school. I figured if he saw a buddy, he might seperate from me easier. Sure enough, as soon as we walked into the doors of the school, there was a familiar face. And not just any familiar face, his best buddy Zach. God is good!

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Lora said...

I am so sorry Isaac had a tough time! It must have been very hard on you too. Poor little guy. I remember that anxiety right before a new year of school, not a fun feeling. I'm glad he decided it wasn't too bad by the end of the day. I hope at the end of the week he feels a whole lot better!