Monday, February 15, 2010

Been Awhile

It's been a long time since I've blogged. Part of that was being busy with the humdrum of life, but mostly it was feeling like I had nothing to really say. And who am I saying it to, anyways? No comments left me feeling like I was talking to myself in cyberspace, which is really a weird feeling.

But, I'm back, and hopefully have a bit of purpose to blog about now. I have joined up with Book Sneeze through Thomas Nelson Publishing. I will get to choose a free book, in return for posting about it. I like to read, so I am looking forward to getting free books.

There were only two options for this first round, so I chose the one most suited to me. It's "A Century Turns" by William Bennett. This is the description of the book:

"Author, historian, and educator William J. Bennett examines America’s last two decades.

Twenty years ago, John McCain was serving his second year in the Senate, and Colin Powell had just been promoted to chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. There was no Fox News Channel, no American Idol. Saddam Hussein and the Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeni ruled Iraq and Iran, respectively. George W. Bush was the fairly unnoticeable son of the then-president. If you asked someone to “email me,” you would have received a blank stare, and “Amazon” was a forest in South America. Finally, 20 years ago a young man named Barack Obama was elected the first black president of the Harvard Law Review. The two decades from 1988 to 2008 have proved to be some of the most pivotal in America’s history. Based on a lifetime of experience in government and education, William J. Bennett defines the events that shaped American history during the final years of the century."

Sounds pretty interesting and probably right up my alley. I have the rare gift of loving to read non-fiction. My 11 year old is the same way. The librarians at the public library always comment how unusual this is, especially for a child. I say, hey, it comes in handy when playing Trivial Pursuit. Pick me, pick me! I'm full of random knowledge. :-)

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Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

I have started reviewing for them too. I love getting free books for sure. Glad you are back.
Have a wonderful day!