Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Another week gone by and time to count our blessings...
  • I'm thankful for warmer weather and sunshine!
  • strawberry season!
  • my neighboorhood and seeing people more now that the weather is nice
  • that Court got his call to work the men's Walk!
  • Andrew's good week
  • for Isaac's infectious laughter!
  • that the Indy Mito Clinic is a reality now
  • that we have absolutely nowhere we have to be on Saturday...woohoo!!!

Your turn!


BeckyB. said...

I am thankful that...

*Case Manger training hasn't been as terrible as I anticipated.

*I have amazingly secure children who do good with mommy being away and apparently have had a great couple of days.

*Court got asked to work the WALK!

*I got all my work done before coming to this conference so I get to sit on this big soft bed, with my feet up, playing on the computer and enjoying the peace.

*I have realized [again] in talking to my coworkers, how great my husband is.

*I have amazing friends who are also prayer warriors and bringers of joy.

*I have a great mom.

*For my church family.

Anna Osmon said...

I am thankful that...

--Today was a beautiful day!

--I am getting tanner! :)

--I am going to be doing atleast some worship at camp!

--That I still get to talk to all my amazing Church Family!

--That staff is going to Texas Roadhouse tomorrow!

--The Love that God has shown me in the past couple days.

--That Carol Maze is Posting :)

Lauren said...

That Girl's Thankful List...

I am going to Haiti!

For the Thompson family

Seth and I had a fun date last night.

For the turtles, of course ;)

For the chance to do crafts yesterday--and the chance to do them at VBS.

Get to see my NC friends this coming week.

I got another speaking engagement scheduled.

And for the three of you...