Monday, November 3, 2008

Adventures at Lark Ranch


Saturday was such a nice day and we didn't have anywhere we HAD to be. Andrew had felt pretty good all week long, and we thought a day trip would be fun. We went to Logootee, IN for the day. We had lunch at Stolls, then visited Blessings Bookstore, then headed on to Lark Ranch. The boys were pretty excited about the corn maze, although with Isaac picking our turns we failed miserably. Oh well, we had a lot of fun in there! Andrew said he was visiting his great, great, great uncle, Corn Maze. lol

In the petting zoo area, the ducks for some reason liked Isaac's feet and kept nipping at them. The hayride was fun and they were giving pumpkins away since it was the last weekend. The boys loved the big tube (pipe?) slide and would've stayed there for hours I think. They also liked playing on the big round hay bales and sliding down. I think their favorite part of the day was probably the go-carts, though. We let them choose one "extra" thing to do and this is what they picked. We'd never seen pedal go-carts before. Andrew was fine, and Isaac was fun to watch. He got stuck a couple times on the turns. You get to go around four times. Andrew parked his like a pro when he was done...Isaac was another story! He finally got going real, real fast when his turn was up. He veered off the track to park, only didn't pull his brake. He drove right over the parking curb and into the big rock pile. We laughed until we cried...he was fine and so was the go-cart. After all that, he wanted to go again, but I redirected him to the fossil dig and the slide again. :)

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crystal said...

What great pictures.Glad you all had such a carefree day.