Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Not much to blog about

There's never a dull moment around here, yet it seems like there's not really been anything blog-worthy lately.

I do have to say though, that Isaac keeps us on our toes around here. He hasn't even been home from school for an hour yet and he's given me plenty of material. First off, he asked for a piece of gum. Keep in mind that the kid despises anything hot or even minty. He tells me the gum is the sour kind and pops it in his mouth, but it didn't take him long to spit it out. It turned out to be some sort of cinnamon tingle. :) Then Courtney comes in from work and Isaac is hugging all over him and so happy to see him - and then realizes he forgot to wash his hands after he'd spent some time in the bathroom...

While working on his homework paper, he had to draw 3 pics that started with the letter H. He drew a black rectangular box and kept insisting it was a hamster. We weren't seeing a hamster. Courtney asked where the head was and he kept giving us his confused look and saying, "You mean the lid?"I finally figured out he meant a clothes hamper. :)

He wears his heart on his sleeve and can be so sensitive. (he may someday realize how much like his mother he can be!) But he's also such a happy-go-lucky boy. He can sometimes be so clueless, and other times he's got us laughing until we cry. The joy he adds to our lives is amazing! And to think, we named him Isaac without knowing his name means "he laughs".


Rachel said...

Carol ~

We just continue to reconnect, don't we!? It must be a God thing.

So glad to "see" you again.

Hugs to you

Lauren said...

Okay, so I always thought Isaac just simply did not like me. I felt that he was the only kid at church who wouldn't make up with me. And I was sad.

Until Sunday when I told Seth that I thought Isaac didn't like me at all...
He said "He always hides behind Courtney's legs when you come around."
I was like, "Yeah, he doesn't like me."
He said, "I think you are mistaken. I think he has a crush on you!"

and then I felt better.
gosh I love that kid.