Thursday, November 27, 2008

Naughty or Nice?

We're not sure which list the boys will be on this year. While taking a shower yesterday, I discovered someone had dumped the shampoo out and filled the bottle with water. I quickly went for the kids' shampoo, but again, water... I hollered for Courtney and thankfully he was able to find another bottle for me. Not like I could just run out and buy some on Thanksgiving day, ya know. I asked the boys about it, but no one knew who would do such a thing. Of course, why would I think my little angels would do something like that? I just did break them of the habit of squishing the bar of soap everytime they showered. Now this?

And as I was finishing getting ready, I couldn't find my mascara, but was afraid to know what Courtney's children might've done with it! :)


crystal said...

the boys are always on the nice list.the shampoo gag sounds like something their uncle Mikey would have done.

Melissa Spencer said...

Courtney's children? LOL Sounds like our family!