Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Build A Bear Workshop

The boys got money from Nana for Christmas, which they were really excited about. You see, in this debit-card & gift card society, they think cash is a pretty cool concept! :) Much to my surprise, Andrew suggested they use their money at Build A Bear. Knowing if we waited too long, he might suddenly be too cool to do it, we got to it over break. Isaac was also quite thrilled to go, since they only time he went was for his 2nd b'day and made "Melmo" (Elmo). And when you're 5, Elmo is so uncool!

They had a good time making their panda bear and dog. Isaac was bound and determined he wasn't going to kiss the heart before it got stuffed, though. Not sure why, he kisses everything else? In the end, we ended up with a panda bear named Kung Fu Panda and a dog named Marley. Pretty original, huh? You can tell the kids like movies.

[Blogger pics are getting on my nerves...no matter what I do, they are in reverse order. So just scroll down, then back up. :) ]


Lauren said...

The boys looked like they had a great time--so sweet--I have always wanted a Build-A-Bear!

The photography studio kiosk right behind Court in the top picture is where I got my senior pics taken--is it bad that I still go by hoping they might decide to post one of me someday?

Christy said...

I have been reversing how I add the pics so that it's in right sequence. kinda a pain but it works!