Thursday, January 22, 2009

My B'day Morning with Isaac

Isaac: Mom, do you know what day it is?

Me: Yes, do you?

I: Yes, it's 'Fursday'

Me: Oh, ok. Any thing you want to say to me?

I: Yes, I almost forgot...I love you.

Me: Well, I love you, too. But anything else you want to say just to mommy?

I: Yeah, I like when we have sack 'em day (sack up day) at school because we get to throw the lunch bags away. It feels like we're wasting them.

Me: (sigh) Oh. Anything else you want to tell me? Like happy _________??

I: Oh, happy new year! Happy new year...(jumping and dancing through living room now)

Me: Ok, I give up. Have a great day at school, honey.

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Lora said...

Happy belated birthday! I just checked in after a chaotic week without much blog reading, and was sorry that I missed this post when you wrote it. I hope you had a great day!