Thursday, January 29, 2009

Guest Blog: Andrew

Andrew was intrigued by my 25 random facts on Facebook and wanted to do his own version, so here he is:

1.I am addicted to any videogames.
2.I pick on my brother alot!!
3.My favorite subjects at school are lunch, recess, and social studies. favorite color is red.
5.I like to watch movies.
6. I like to eat at the China Buffet in Vincennes.
7. I love the songs Jesus Freak, International Harvester, and You Give Love a Bad Name.
8. I'm not scared of surgeries because I know God is with me.
9. I like to play with my friends a lot.
10. My mom and I want to adopt a little Asian girl. [HA! I think he wants a sister, not to be her adoptive father!]
11. I enjoy sitting at the table for supper with my family.
12. I like to light a candle when we eat dinner. I ask everyday.
13. My favorite vacation was to Washington, DC even though I don't remember it.
14. I like to watch football and play baseball.
15. My mom and dad always say it looks like a tornado went through my room.
16. My favorite movie is any Star Wars episode.
17. I like to watch Avatar: the last airbender, Star Wars the Clone Wars, and the Suite Life on Deck.
18. My favorite part of church is sunday school.
19. I like to watch the deleted scenes on dvds.
20. I always drink all the milk.
21. We have a psycho cat named Sparkles.
22. My favorite video games are WWII Aces and Mario Kart.
23. I like eat white rice with soy sauce.
24. I like to read about Moses parting the Red Sea.
25. I keep falling asleep all the time.


BeckyB. said...

Those were GREAT!

PS... you give love a bad name? really?
[don't tell but i love that song too!]

beverlyj said...

I loved that! We should have all the kids do it! Thanks for sharing with us Andrew. :)

beverlyj said...

Grace says she likes your 25 things! She wants to do her own now. :)