Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Amazing Weekend!

Wow...I am completely blown away to see the work God has done over the weekend. I worked the chrysalis (high school girls) and it was simply amazing! It was so evident that His hands were all over every detail. I could easily see why table leaders were at that specific table, and mine was no exception. I was with 7 teenage girls in my room and although I was a little concerned about it, I loved it! It was cool to see how our table group was hand-picked by God to be together. And to be on the other side as a team member this time was amazing and a true blessing. To see the42 caterpillars (girls) turn into beautiful butterflies by the end of the weekend...wow! Watching them meet Jesus in a new and intimate way was awesome. To be a team member was a wonderful blessing and I got so much from it. It was great to be with friends, old and new, and just be totally immersed in God's love. <3

And to my Bible study girls...thanks so much for the prayer quilt!!! I was so touched, and even it was an answered prayer. I laid in bed the first night freezing and wishing I'd brought another blanket with me. I came into my room sometime the next day to find your special gift on my bed. Wow! I will always cherish it because you all are so special to me!!


Lauren said...

So glad you were blessed. I was too!

Lora said...

What a wonderful experience! Your heart sounds like it's bursting with joy. Hooray!