Sunday, February 8, 2009


We met Mom, Kaine, and Alexis in Terre Haute for lunch and bowling. Mandy was sick, so her and Troy stayed home. We had a great time. Of all days, though, when I went to put on my bowling shoes I realized I had two different shoes on!! They are the same style, just different colors...oops! And, even with the gutter guards up, I was still the champion with 123!! Oh well, we had a good time. :) (All the pics say 2006, I just noticed. However, I didn't reset the date on my camera when I charged the battery last. I had hoped it would just leave the date off...however, it just randomly picked one.)

The kids are doing the "slash dance" here. The screen showed a slash for the strikes, so this became their little tradition. Of course, Isaac was doing Kung Fu Panda moves, but he marches to the beat of his own drummer. :)


crystal said...

Kaine & Lexi had a great time. They came in sat. night bragging about their scores.

Lauren said...

great PICS!

and are you sure that she was sick? the iPhone never lies.