Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sometimes I wonder...

what people must think when I do really dumb things. Of course, I'm still giggling about Lauren's McD's experience when I went out and had one of my own today.

We were headed down to the hospital for Andrew's physical therapy appointment, and I was driving so Court could doze off. My head was pounding and I decided a quick stop at McDonald's for a caffiene fix was exactly what I needed. I pulled around to the window to order, only I totally skipped that step and tried to just pay the lady. Even worse, I didn't have money in my hand, but two red, rapid release Tylenol! She kind of laughed at me, then guided me through the process like I'd never been there before (I'm sure she thought so, at least!). At last, I got my caffiene, took my Tylenol and headed down the road. My poor husband was a little worried and needless to say didn't get his catnap in afterall!

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Melissa Spencer said...

OH NO!!! You just have so much on your mind Carol!!! This is pretty funny though! I have some stories of my one just like this one!! I hope your day got better! I am praying for Andrew, as well as you and your family!