Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I've been thinking of doing this on my blog, then God confirmed it for me last night. We are to "pray without ceasing", but we also must remember to add in some praises, too. So, I'll list some things I'm thankful for this week and you do the same, ok?
  • for my family
  • for the end of school next week
  • for my wonderful, patient husband
  • for our Wednesday nights at church - the good, the bad, and the ugly - true family!
  • for Andrew's decent week
  • for our stimulus check showing up in our bank account - thanks George! :)
  • that I got to help out with both boys at school this week
  • for my Turtle girls

Your turn!


BeckyB. said...

I am thankful...
*that my scrapbook project is going well
*that I get to go to Tali's dance recital this Saturday
*that I get to go to Zach's tball game this Saturday (weather permitting)
*that Jim got home just in time to pick up the dead animal innards our puppy brought into the house as a love gift
*that she has the most amazing friends in the world
*for my Turtle girls
*for my beautiful church family
*for God's hand in my life
*for Thomas
*for a super-pastor
*that I have two amazing kids
*for Cory's generous heart

Lauren said...

That Girl is grateful:
for a loving God.
for lots of girlfriends that "get it."
for knowing what it means to be rescued by my Creator.
for the comfort of belonging at the Thompsons.
for Julie.
for Kristin, Hannah, and Ellie and the great sermon illustrations they provide (!)
for my new swing.
for the man who made aforementioned swing.
for Turtle Talk.

Melissa Spencer said...

Melissa is thankful....
~Last day of school
~AJ is starting to do well in baseball
~Preschool is over
~One last soccer game this Saturday
~My best friend KIM
~My church family
~Our small group
~4 baby kittens I rescued and are doing well!
~That I have so many things I am thankful for that I can't sort them out at this moment....

and last but most important....

~My All Mighty Creator!!!

God is GOOD....All the Time....
All the Time....God is GOOD!!!