Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I'll list mine, then you do the same...

  • I'm thankful to catch up with old friends :)
  • so glad summer break officially arrived today....woohoo!
  • that Courtney's Dad is living near us now...and his Mom will join him soon!
  • that we finally had a dry night to get our first ball game in last night
  • for the upcoming Women of Faith conference and all the details God is working out for me...including building us a brand new hotel to stay in!! (If you build it, we will
  • for being able to see the amazing way He is working in my life and those around me
  • for our girls night tonight
  • that Seth updated his blog :)
  • that summer means I'll see more of my sister and the kids
  • for a beautiful spring day

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