Thursday, August 21, 2008

can't sleep

It's late...waaaaayyy late. I should be sleeping but just can't. I know that I will pay dearly for this tomorrow.

And for some reason this blogger clock is 3 hours behind...yes, it's 3:14 am and I just said goodbye to my husband as he heads off to work for the day.


beverlyj said...

Hey! I was up too. We should have got online together and chatted. I am sure I was up for different reasons than you. I can't sleep with Garry these days anymore. His snoring is getting way out of control. I am kind of looking forward to him going away this weekend so I can sleep. Is that bad? So, the next time I am up at all hrs of the night I will hop on facebook and see if you are around. Here's to hoping you are sound asleep in your bed :)

Carol said...

LOL...I was on facebook at one point. :D Probably the first time ever that I didn't have any friends online.