Saturday, August 9, 2008

strange week

It's been a whirlwind of a few days around here. Wednedsay I volunteered to work a pool party as a board member for North Knox Swimland. It was a "Back to School Bash" sponsored by the Elks. Sadly, someone walked into the concession stand and stole my wallet and someone else's. Needless to say, we had to dig through trashcans and dumpsters all around town looking for wallets. I have part of mine back, and thankfully that included the all important insurance card. Everything else has been cancelled, but I'd sure like to have my checkbook register and my pictures back!! I am glad that my friend found her wallet mostly intact.

Thursday morning came too soon after a late night Weds. We left at 5 am for Riley Hospital for Andrew's admission. He had a 23 hour video eeg, then an echocardiogram, opthamology visit, and another KUB to check for an obstruction. He was a happy little camper since there was a PS2 in the room! Isaac stayed with Mamaw and had fun with her.

Got home late last night, and boy it felt good to sleep in our own beds! Had the Free for All today at church, which was good. The best way I can describe it was organized chaos. It was very clear that there's a real need to reach out and do for others with no strings attached.

Stopped to do a little school shopping for the boys last night on our way home. It was frustrating to be so limited to a small amount of cash only, since none of our cards or accounts are active. I was like a kid at Christmas when my new debit card arrived in the mail today...until I read the part about my pin # coming in a seperate envelope in the next few days. Grr!! The whole theft thing just really bothers me. Not only for the obvious loss of money, but just the idea that someone would do that. I need to buy a new wallet because seeing my old one just makes me sick to my stomach. Yet, I really don't have a lot to put in a wallet at this point, so I guess it can wait. It just makes me mad that someone's selfish decision has had such an impact on every decision I've made for the last few days.

I guess I just needed a good vent...if you've hung in here for the novel...thanks!

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Lauren said...

I am sorry as well, Carol.

I love you.