Tuesday, August 26, 2008


It may sound strange, but I've been really bitter and upset about the whole wallet being stolen ordeal. It took me awhile to even replace my torn up remnant of what was returned to me. Part of that delay was I really didn't have much to put in a new wallet!! The other part was stubborness on my part - I liked my old wallet and looking at new ones simply made me mad all over again. How's that for honesty? I'd long parted with the stolen cash, stopped the missing checks, and replaced the cards. What I couldn't get back were the sentimental things - Andrew's library card with this sweet signature as a 6 year old on it, pictures, etc. I had decided that it was gone for good...finally gave in and bought a wallet a few days ago and let it go.

Today the phone rang and the rest of my wallet was found!! Praise God!! This part was actually discarded at the pool before they left. Jonathan went to open up some pump valve compartment, and there it was!! Perfectly dry and intact even! It made my day! :)


Lauren said...

That Is the coolest thing I have heard all day!!

love you.

Nicole said...

Yay Carol! That's very happy news! What about you're coupons? =)

Carol said...

Sadly, I lost my coupon for Kohl's, but wound up getting a better one anyhow. :) But they didn't get the giftcards that I had hidden in there!