Monday, August 11, 2008


Here are some summer pics I've been meaning to post.

These first ones are from the day I caught the boys playing with balloons. I plan to use them someday to embarrass my children! :) When I caught them looking a little more voluptuous than usual, like any good parent I grabbed my camera. It took a little convincing when Courtney came in from work - he assumed I was in on their little plan. For the record, I was not. However, I did find it pretty funny!

The next ones were taken at an Indians baseball game. We took Andrew and he was really enjoying the game. During the 4th inning, it started to rain. I think he actually had more fun watching them cover the field with the tarp and playing in the rain. He doesn't cut loose like this often, so it was fun.

Finally, a few baseball pictures. It's hard to believe summer is over and school started today!

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beverlyj said...

Those balloon pictures remind of Tali and Grace making themselves alot more endowed with water balls in the pool. I didn't think to take pictures to show their boyfriends later in life! Darn it you have all the good ideas :)