Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Funny Boy

From the start, Isaac has had a personality all his own. We're quite certain he was meant to come and bring laughter into our home. In fact, when he was about a year old, we found out the name Isaac means "he laughs". :) When he's around, the smiles aren't far behind. He just seems to have that effect on people and is full of surprises.

His latest thing has been wearing one blue mitten around the house, creepily ala Michael Jackson. Not sure why he does it, but he even plays video games with a mitten on! And he loves anything tiny...he likes to play with tiny toys, his favorite stuffed animal is a tiny dog named Porkchop, loves to snuggle up in tiny spots, etc.

He wasn't feeling well yesterday, and the Dr. confirmed it by saying he had "the textbook example of a raging ear infection." Poor just came out of nowhere. So, even though he wanted to rest, he wasn't just gonna lay on the couch like the rest of us would.

Here he is, napping in the little spot he made for himself:

Complete with the mitten on! Oh, Isaac...

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