Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Not an Everyday Kind of Blessing

Over the weekend, Andrew had an amazing, once in a lifetime experience. He had his wish granted through Make A Wish!

One of his Dr's submitted his name in the fall, but we were quite hesitant to go through with it. Even though I know very well the toll this mitochondrial disease has taken on Andrew's body and also our family, I wasn't convinced he qualified and certainly didn't want to take it from a child who did. We had the initial meeting with Make A Wish volunteers, Danny and Sherri, and they reassured that he was medically eligible for the program. We still decided to take a month to think and pray on it.

We decided that with the uncertainty and progressive nature of his disease, that we would go through with it. I just didn't want to regret not doing it someday... After careful consideration, Andrew decided to wish for a PlayStation 3. In his logical mind, a trip would only last for a week and wear him out, but the game would last forever. :) So, Saturday was the big day. Danny and Sherri came loaded down with surprises! Since it was such a small wish, they went above and beyond.

Andrew spent Friday night with Mamaw and Papaw, who brought him over when we were all ready Saturday. Knowing Andrew loves Star Wars, Danny and Sherri came with Darth Vader masks for us to wear. When Andrew arrived, it took him awhile to realize what was going on. Finally, Sherri pulled up her mask and told him his wish was being granted. He was speechless!! He came in to Star Wars music playing. He was grinning from ear to ear and just couldn't stop.

Here are some pics of his special day:

Star Wars books!

Papaw trying out the video chair while Danny shows Andrew how to use the PS3


Lora said...

I hope he enjoys that playstation! Funny masks!

Jennifer said...

That is so cool!! My son is so going to want to come visit. LOL