Thursday, May 21, 2009

Paying the preacher

In the bad storms of last week, we lost our power for several hours. While the power was out it continued to rain - HARD. Everyone around here has wet basements and sump pumps are the norm...which is not good when the power goes out. I know several people who had floods and issues with the water.

Not sure why it never crossed my mind to check our basement... A couple days afterwards I went to turn the fan on through the thermostat. And then I heard it...a loud squealing noise...OH NO!

We quickly shut it off and waited for Jay, who put our central air in last year, to come and look at it. Apparently, our furnace filled with water during the flood. In fact, he said our "squirrel cage" was still full of water. (I was concerned thinking there were rodents living in the basement, until he said it's the engine part of the furnace) They drilled holes to let the water drain out, and said to run the fan for a full 24 hours to dry it all out. Then he said, "Boy, you must be paying the preacher or something. There's no way that should still be working." Thank you God!!

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Lauren said...

Praise God--and pass the dough!

hee hee.

I love you? How's that little yellow gerber daisy doing?