Saturday, May 16, 2009

Storm Damage

We had a pretty strong storm the other night. As I layed in bed, my husband leaving for work, and both boys wide awake from the storm, I started to think the roof might actually blow off the house. I'm all for having a one story house and all, but not interested in being upstairs when it happens. :) With the power out, we managed to get the boys downstairs before Court left. I was thankful to see the damage was minimal compared to how it sounded outside. Sadly, though, this apple tree has been a favorite picture spot for us. It's also a good climbing tree, and we'll of course miss the apples this summer. I'm sad to see it go. :(

Here is a pic taken in front of the tree in it's better days.

I'm just thankful this is all the damage we got! It seems like our street was hit hard. Many trees down, shingles blown, and power lines down. The power being off caused a 2 hour delay for school, which cancelled Isaac's field trip, too. Speaking of school, I passed this "lake" on the way and couldn't resist a picture.

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Lauren said...

so glad you guys are okay!