Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday Tunes

Hello friends! Welcome to Tuesday Tunes. Today's song is Love Out Loud by Jaci Valesquez. This is also the theme song for the Chrysalis I'm working this winter. I love this song, and I hope you enjoy it, too. (even though half of my blog friends are working the same retreat and already know this song) But, for everyone else, enjoy!

Hear the cry, tearful eyes
Can't deny and wish it all away (whoa)
Will the pain ever change?
If we save love for another day (whoa)
This is the time
For us to see the vision
Now is the time
To break the silence and

Love out loud
Let your loving be your voice
Love out loud
Together we can make some noise
Love out loud
Without Fear
Sing a song and let the whole world hear
Love out loud

Be His hands, be His feet
Be the people we are called to be (whoa)
Take His love to the streets
Show compassion to a soul in need (whoa)
This is the time to break the silence and


Hush, listen to my heart
Can you hear me crying out
Willing to believe
That touch, is loving more than words
It's living out for all to see the light that shines through me


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Seth Alexander said...

Here is a great YouTube Video of Jaci singing this song unplugged.

Seth Alexander said...
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Seth Alexander said...

so I forgot to include the link:)


BeckyB. said...

third time's the charm, seth