Tuesday, March 30, 2010

God ALWAYS hears our prayers!

Last night, Isaac wanted to go for a bike ride, so off we went. He was on his bike and I was walking. There's a church about a block from our house and he loves to ride in their parking lot and also go down the ramp on their sidewalk. I had to get on him for zipping right into the road and tried to show him how to go down the ramp and into the tiny parking lot. He said he couldn't stop in time to avoid the road. I explained that a car might say the same thing about why they hit him. He was upset with me, but I told him I'd rather him be mad at me than hurt, or even worse. He wasn't wanting to listen real well and in his 6 year-old mind, he just didn't see any danger. I decided we'd better head back towards home and away from the highway. In an all-boy fashion, he takes off on his bike with his legs out, carefree. I chuckled because I've never been able to be so carefree. Then I started to pray that God would just put a hedge of protection around him as he goes through life so carefree.

No sooner that I'd prayed that prayer, he rolled right through the stop sign at the intersection on our street. And there it was...a car! They had been there, behind a big bush, and were getting ready to turn, when thankfully, they saw him. I screamed his name and took off towards him. The car went on and waved as they passed. It wasn't dramatic, no screeching of tires to stop. But still, there was my carefree child, my baby, and a car. It could have been a different scenario. I was crying, although Isaac didn't seem to see what the danger was. Moments after it happened, my friend Deb was walking down the street and stopped to talk. I was pretty shaken up, so we talked, and she gave me a hug and prayed with me. I told her about the prayer and how I'd just finished it when the car came.

Needless to say, he won't be riding the bike for a few days. I sincerely hope he's learned from this. I know I have learned. I learned that God hears our every prayer. I knew that before, but this just drove it home!!

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Ramona said...

Wow, what a scary moment...it is good to know that He is always there.