Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Break Fun - Part 2! Lincoln's Boyhood Home

Our other adventure last week was to Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial in Lincoln City, IN. We found it quite interesting to watch the short film, wander the trails, see the cabin memorial, have a picnic at the beach (!!!), and just enjoy our day. We went with our good friends Mary and Ryan, which made the day even more special.

Andrew, Isaac, and Ryan standing outside of the visitors center. The walls were made of Indiana limestone and had really cool scenes on them.
Looking at the grave of Nancy Hanks Lincoln, Abe's mother, who died of milk sickness.

There is a real working farm here (in season). This is the chicken coop, which were the only animals on-site for our visit.

A replica cabin, which you can go inside of in season.

The actual cabin site

A train track runs through the walking trails. Mary and I were on the other side from the boys when we heard the whistle and took off!

Love my boys!

We had wanted to go to a real beach on spring break, so we were quite surprised to find out there was a beach at the park! After lunch, we played there for awhile. Ryan was the only one to get more than his feet wet...haha! That darn slippery dock!

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looks like everyone had fun!