Thursday, March 11, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes...

Several years ago, I was driving to work on a cool fall morning. My boys were with me and we weren't too far from home. Out of nowhere, wham! A deer ran into the highway and hit the front corner of my vehicle. As if that weren't enough for it, it bounced a little and it hit the front of my van, killing it this time. I was panicking! My 5 year old was crying asking if it was a reindeer I just killed. My colicky 6 month old was already having his morning cry. I put the vehicle in park and got out. I have no idea why I jumped out, just instinct, I guess. Anyhow, there was a semi behind me, and he stopped and walked over to me as I was getting out. We went towards the front to assess the damage.

As we approached the front of the vehicle, the deer that I thought was dead stood up!!! At this point, I was about to pee my pants thinking the thing would attack us. Instead, it just hobbled off, badly injured, through the ditch and back into the woods. The truck driver called the police for me while I checked on the boys. Meanwhile, a family friend who lives nearby was also behind us in traffic. She said to come to her house to settle down and wait for the accident report.

An hour and a half later, we were back on the road. There was quite a lot of damage, but the vehicle was driveable. In fact, there was a large crack down the front and it looked like a chunk of deer fur was stuck in it. I took the youngest to daycare, then headed to work. I was the director of a Christian preschool and this was one of our biggest, busiest days of the school year. It was the day of our Thanksgiving Feast, where students from both age groups come for lunch and bring their parents, grandparents, etc. Thankfully, we had a wonderful kitchen crew lined up, and a great teaching assistant who held down the fort until I could get there. My oldest, Andrew, was in preschool at the time and was so worried about missing the feast. We walked in just as the kids were getting ready to sing a couple of songs. Apparently everyone had been told about our morning as they clapped when we came in. Oh brother! I then hear roaring laughter from some of the volunteers. Turns out, Andrew told them, "We are late because my mom has hair in her crack!"

WHAT? Why on earth did my husband's child say this? :-) Needless to say, I had to explain our morning, and everyone was just about in tears laughing. Oh kid...someday this story will come back to haunt you!!

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Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

Oh such a cute story~now that it is behind you can laugh!